Whilst we are not meeting face to face we have plenty to keep the Beavers busy at home…

34 Challenges

Challenges Challenges

Sunflower Competition

Sunflower Competition The Beavers are running a sunflower competition. Prizes will be awarded for the tallest, brightest, happiest, ….. Judging will take place Mid-September 🌻🏆
Open to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and any friends and family wishing to take part.


Moon Hike If your child would like to do this, please post a picture of their postcard on the WhatsApp group

District Challenge

Let’s go for Gold on the District Challenge!

Camping at home

Camping Just because we are staying at home doesn’t mean that we can’t camp! Your child can gain up to 2 Nights Away for sleeping either outside in a tent or even inside in a den that they have constructed.

If you have a tent, get them to help you put it up and sort out their own sleeping area, as this goes towards badges too (have a look at the Outdoor Challenge requirements). And if you really want to go all out, why not cook outside too? Or at the very least toast a marshmallow over a candle 😉

How to view and update Badges at Home on OSM

  • Login to OSM here:
  • Click on your child’s name on the left
  • Click on Badges
  • You will then be able to see all the badges, just choose one to click on
  • Once your child has completed some of the requirements, go back to the relevant badge and click on ‘Badges at home’
  • You will then be able to upload photos and make comments about what have been done

Badge Ideas